ceelen sneak peek

i would like to introduce to you the boy that stole my heart today…ted “theodore” logan (funny he didn’t say “whoa” as much as i thought he would…however he did repond to “excellent!”).

ted was the winner of my recent dog model search. i admit, i have a soft spot for shiba inus, since one of my dogs is a shiba mix, and with that fabulous name to boot he jumped right off the screen.

i definitely made a wonderful choice. he is one gorgeous guy…those bedroom eyes…that “ted”dy bear fur….those ears! we a had fun morning together (even in the bitter cold).

and it wasn’t just me alone who fell for ted’s charms…the tv crew and my animals were also quite smitten with him.

thank you so much kris for making the early morning trip from burlington and allowing me to photograph your awesome boy. i hope you enjoy the sneak peek.

fun fact: bill and ted’s excellent adventure was released 20 years ago this year…”WHOA!” indeed.

party on dudes!

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